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Post by azah on Wed Aug 27, 2008 2:27 pm

Salam and Hi to everyone,
Another pair of Security Boot that belong to my son was missing from our shoe rack on Monday, mind everyone, the shoe rack is within a grilled area, and our main gate was lock, he lost the first pair about 3 weeks ago. I told him to lodge a police report and he try to do it on the same day,however, he was laughed at when he told a policewoman what happened. So being embarrassed there, he just leave and called me and told me what happened. Unfortunately, when I asked him, did he take down the policewoman name and number, being so embarrassed, he did not do so, but mentioned that he still recognises her. Too bad I was in Malacca that day, but tried to visit the IPD Ampang, Tuesday morning, the lady was not on duty.

I was in the meeting with the OCPD together with En. Faizal, En. Yasin, Puan Noryati, Mr. Raymond Lee, Mdm Anna Wong and her son, and a few others. In the meeting, the OCPD himself advised us to report any sort of crime that happened in the proximity of our Taman, be it big or small even losing a pair of shoe. And even during the meeting, its been mentioned that no patrol car or even policemen on motorbike doing their "beat" around our area, it has still yet to be SEEN.

So, agak2 bila these policemen will do their bit to assist us ..... I wonder...kesian anak I.....


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